Our story is simple. We're just 3 good ol' boys with a hankerin' for coffee and a love for Texas. As Texans we take pride in doing everything bigger, so that's exactly what we did with our coffee!


Our high-quality, true organic beans are first stored in our handcrafted oak barrels. We then skillfully roast to order in our signature craft air roasters. This unique process produces much bigger and better flavored coffee. That's why it's no secret that Texas State of Mind Coffee Company is


the Official coffee of Texas


As Texans, we like to do everything bigger and better! So naturally we wanted our roasting process to follow those same principles. To further your understanding of how we achieved a bigger and better flavored coffee, I've outlined the steps below taken from bean to bag.


• First we store our fresh, specialty grade organic beans in handcrafted smoked oak barrels. Different origin beans are stored in a barrel that best match their cupping profile. This process enhances the overall flavor of the bean.


• Once we have achieved peak flavor from the barrel, we then move on to the actual roasting process. We use a specialty craft air roaster to roast our beans. This enhances the natural flavor of the bean while also keeping it healthier.


• Once the desired roast is achieved, we immediately move the beans to a high powered cooling tray. This tray dramatically drops the temperature of the bean to lock in optimal flavor.


• Our last step is bagging the beans. After the cool down period, we load the roasted beans into special lined bags. These bags help to lock in the flavor and preserve the freshness of the coffee.


• The bags are then shipped to your doorstep where you can now bust out into a Texas two-step of happiness!


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